New Masterclass! Crowd Psychology for Crowd Safety Management

New Masterclass! Crowd Psychology for Crowd Safety Management

We are pleased to introduce our new masterclass: Crowd Psychology for Crowd Safety Management, by Professor John Drury.

Anyone who is responsible for crowd management will need to have some knowledge of Crowd Psychology. In this masterclass, you will be provided with tools to help you increase the safety and resilience of the crowd at events and other busy places. When working with these kinds of crowds, you depend on the available knowledge about crowd behavior to create a positive experience, keep it safe and manage the risks.

During this course, you will gain insight into the latest scientific theories and research results in the field of Crowd Psychology. We conclude the course on Friday afternoon with a drink, which is an excellent opportunity for a chat with prof. Drury and to do some professional networking. Furthermore, included with this course you will get the opportunity send your questions to John Drury afterwards.

Each participant will get a set of practical recommendations and guidelines for using group psychology to ensure safety and build resilience at mass events. The content of the teaching material is completely updated for ESI, to match the latest societal and industry developments.

The masterclass is intended for anyone involved in the crowd management of public events and public manifestations, the design of event locations and the development of strategies aimed at influencing crowd behaviour at events, stadiums and other entertainment areas.

John Drury is a Professor of Social Psychology at the University of Sussex. He has 30 years of experience investigating crowd behaviour, including mass gatherings, live events and festivals, mass emergencies, and people-to-people conflicts. He teaches crowd psychology for crowd safety management at the UK Fire and Rescue Service and to crowd safety managers around the world. Recent consultancy assignments he has completed include the Lying-in-State queue for Queen Elizabeth’s funeral and crowd psychology for Ukrainian diplomats. He is currently researching collective responses to marauding terrorist attacks.

Do you also want to learn how crowd psychology can help increase the safety and resilience of a crowd?

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