About ESI

We Care for Crowd Safety

Event Safety Institute is the independent centre of expertise for crowd management and event safety. ESI’s mission is to contribute to safe, healthy and sustainable events. It does this through research, advice, training and education. Theme areas within ESI are Safety Management, Security Management, Crowd Management, Mobility Management and Crisis Management.

The team

ESI’s team has many years of experience with crowd safety and event safety. The trainers and advisors have a lot of practical expertise, but also know the administrative and policy side of events well. ESI is based on recognised international guidelines in the field of event safety and wants to contribute to an internationally unambiguous approach. ESI works together with various partner organisations abroad.


ESI forms one organisation with Crowdprofessionals. Where ESI primarily focuses on strategic issues and training, CrowdProfessionals is mainly concerned with operational issues and practical training. This combination of services enables public and private clients to benefit from the expertise and experience available in both companies.

The General Terms and Conditions of the Event Safety Institute.

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