Planning & Management

From planning to execution

Major incidents have repeatedly demonstrated the importance of professional crowd safety management. In the current time in which (social) media quickly portrays abuses or risks, the liability of directors and other responsible parties is immediately discussed publicly. That is why it is essential to go through a thorough (integral) preparation, to formulate a professional and well-founded policy and to rigorously implement the plan based on it.

Our vision

A planned approach to security and crowd management is built in four steps:

  1. Analysis: of the goals, the expectations and the capacities of the location
  2. Planning: elaboration of the approach in a safety plan and/or crowd management plan
  3. Preparation: of staff and required sources
  4. Execution: directing, monitoring and adjusting public flows and crowds

The services provided by ESI and CrowdProfessionals to your organisation can exist of the following:

  1. Site capacity analysis
  2. Conducting or supervising a risk analysis
  3. Drawing up a safety plan, crowd management plan, mobility plan, security plan and incident management plan
  4. Advice to safety managers during the implementation phase of an event or during crowds in a public place

For specific questions, we can also engage partners within our network to achieve your goals. The use of innovative solutions can be the key to success in your case. We have many innovative solutions in relation to crowd management, safety & security.

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