Crowd Risk Analysis

Risk Analysis is the first step in Crowd Safety Management

Caring for the safety of crowds is now a real field of expertise. If you have a lot of experience with events, you probably already have a good sense of the risks. But this approach to risks has its limitations. A thorough assessment of risks requires a method that transcends the experience of the moment, to which every discipline contributes.

ESI’s advisers can help you with public safety risk analysis, based on proven internationally used models. By conducting a risk analysis together, you learn the steps and gain insight into the way of thinking within this method. The result of the risk analysis: more insight into the realistic foreseeable risks and concrete guidelines for determining measures in the field of crowd management.

Site capacity analysis

In order to guarantee safety at an event, it is necessary to know when the limits of the public capacity are reached. The audience capacity of an event refers to the maximum number of people that can be safely at an event location. A simple calculation based on square meters of surface area is not sufficient: various factors together determine the safe public capacity.

ESI makes an analysis of the audience capacity for you, which is substantiated by objective criteria. Attention is paid to, among other things, the expected distribution of the public, sight lines, access and exit roads and emergency exit. The result is drawn in a scaled floor plan that you can use for planning. At ESI you can also learn how to assess the audience capacity of an event yourself.

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