Event Safety Institute invites you to celebrate the launch of ESI Australia!

Event Safety Institute invites you to celebrate the launch of ESI Australia!

ESI is proud to announce the incorporation of the Event Safety Institute Australia and the delivery of Keith Still’s genuine ‘Introduction to Crowd Science’ course around Australia. These milestones will be celebrated by hosting a free seminar about the challenges for crowd safety on November 24th in Sydney. Please come and join us after work for this interesting gathering.

Syan Schaap, director of the Event Safety Institute in the Netherlands, will be present. He will introduce ESI, after which ESI’s Australian trainer Roderick van Gelder will moderate a panel discussion where we will talk about the meaning of Crowd Science and how it applies to so many aspects of our professional lives. We will address recent crowd tragedies and discuss how these could be prevented in the future.

Dr. Milad Haghani will be joining this panel discussion. Milad is a Senior Lecturer and an Australian Research Council DECRA Fellow at the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering of UNSW Sydney. He has undertaken extensive research in the areas of crowd safety, mass emergencies and public safety.

We will conclude the seminar with a contribution from Prof. Dr G. Keith Still about the challenges for keeping crowds safe. Keith Still has consulted on some of the world’s largest and most challenging crowd safety projects and will join us via video link. After wrapping up, everybody can enjoy a beverage and networking opportunities.

Practical information

Location is the Roslyn Packer Theatre, 22 Kickson Road, Walsh Bay. The seminar opens at 4:30 PM with a welcoming drink and the option to meet other attendees. The program starts at 5:30 and lasts until 7:00 PM. Afterwards, we have closing drinks until 7:30 PM.

Register for free here.


Course ‘Introduction to Crowd Science’

Our first course ‘Introduction to Crowd Science’ is scheduled for 21, 22 and 23 November 2022 in Sydney. The course takes the delegates from basic understanding of crowd safety and risk analysis in places of public assembly and works through the principles of major accident and incident causes. The aim of the course is to develop greater awareness of how individuals and crowds react and behave in places of public assembly. We explore the application of crowd safety and risk analysis techniques to enhance public safety. Roderick and Syan will be teaching this course together.

Recent developments once again show that crowd safety is an important subject. This course is essential for people involved in planning, or licensing/permitting crowded spaces. It covers sports, entertainment, shopping, transport, festivals, mass gatherings, street events and places of public assembly. Moreover, we cover site and venue operations for managers, stewarding and security organisations, police officers with crowd management responsibilities, architects working in the complex and built environment and local authorities with licensing/permitting/approval, planning, building control and/or leisure management responsibilities.

Would you like to learn more about crowd safety? Register for the course ‘Introduction to Crowd Science’.

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