ESI and Keith Still launch new Crowd Safety courses in Australia

ESI and Keith Still launch new Crowd Safety courses in Australia

Prof. dr. Keith Still and the Event Safety Institute combine forces to launch new dates of the accredited Introduction to Crowd Safety course in Australia. This unique collaboration gives Australian professionals the opportunity to join this unique level 5 course. 

Keith Still developed the Introduction to Crowd Science course in over two decades, based on university work, consulting projects and his work as an expert witness. The course was accredited at level 5 by Highfield Qualifications and the IIRSM. Throughout the world he has been teaching this course for many years.

Still found a close partner in the Dutch-based Event Safety Institute (ESI) since 2014. ESI has been teaching the course in Dutch under supervision of Keith Still since 2016. Still and ESI decided to extend this collaboration. In Australia, Roderick van Gelder will be teaching the course on behalf of ESI. He is an experienced safety professional working in the Australian entertainment industry for many years. He wrote the Australian Entertainment Resource Guide which was launched in December 2017. Roderick is an accredited and experienced trainer.

Why take this course?

The course takes the delegates from basic understanding of crowd safety and risk analysis in places of public assembly and works through the principles of major accident and incident causes.The aim of the course is to develop greater awareness of how individuals and crowds react, and behave, in places of public assembly. We explore the application of crowd safety and risk analysis techniques to enhance public safety. During the course he will work with your site, events, venues and case studies. We demonstrate the principles and applications of crowd safety and risk analysis for your event, for example, how and when your crowd reaches critical mass, how the effects of design, information and management systems can influence your crowd’s behaviour. These are vital elements to understanding crowd safety and risk analysis at your event.

We focus on anticipating and preventing crowd related accidents and incidents in places of public assembly. This approach is outlined in the book “Introduction to Crowd Science” and taught in a short courses as an Accreditation of Prior Experiential Learning (APEL) route for direct entry to a number of Msc programmes in the UK.

Who should apply?

If you are involved in planning, or licensing/permitting crowded spaces, then you need to understand crowd safety and crowd risk analysis. The course covers sports, entertainment, shopping, transport, festivals, mass gatherings, street events and places of public assembly. We cover site and venue operations for managers, stewarding and security organisations, police officers with crowd management responsibilities, architects working in the complex and built environment and local authorities with licensing/permitting/approval  planning, building control and/or leisure management responsibilities.

Key learning points

You will learn how to:

  • Understand and anticipate crowd risks for a wide range of places of public assembly
  • Identify crowd risks during event planning, event licensing/permitting and event operations.
  • Document and present crowd safety management plans and dynamic risk assessments.
  • Apply crowd risk analysis techniques during events.

Want more information or register directly? Click here for the scheduled courses.

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