Crowd Safety Seminar: event safety and security in 2023

24 Feb 2023 / 01pm - 04pm

The safety and security of crowds at events and other crowded places is currently high on the agenda. Different incidents, both abroad and in Australia, have raised awareness about what can actually go wrong when there is a lack of risk awareness, planning and anticipation. ESI Australia organizes this free seminar, to contribute to a learning curve and improve professionals standards in crowd safety management.

We have invited three guest speakers to Melbourne: Milad Haghani, senior lecturer Crowd Safety at UNWS, Ramón Spaaij, professor of Sports & Exercise Science at Victoria University, and Syan Schaap, who is a teacher, advisor and managing Director of Event Safety Institute in The Netherlands. Roderick van Gelder will be hosting the panel discussion about recent incidents and the lessons that are to be learned. There will be plenty of time for questions and discussions.


  • Target audience: anyone involved in crowd management of public events and public manifestations, the design of the event locations and determining measures that influence public movements at events, stadiums and other entertainment areas. (employees and advisers of event agencies, producers, security organisations, police, security regions, municipalities, architectural firms, amusement parks, concert halls and stadiums)
  • Content: panel discussion and Q&A session.
  • Duration: 3 hours
  • Planning: the seminar will take place on February 24th, 2023.
  • Location: Melbourne Cricket Ground, Brunton Ave, Gate 2 – Long Room.
  • Price: free of charge.

Syan Schaap

Syan Schaap has a Masters in Public Administration. He has specialized in safety at events and crowded places as a consultant for the past 20 years. He founded the Event Safety Institute in 2014 because he felt the need for an independent center of expertise in event safety and crowd management. Within ESI, Syan leads complex projects, is a sparring partner for governments and teaches in various courses. Syan is like no other able to combine the scientific approach with the diversity of day to day practice.

Professor Ramón Spaaij is an award-winning author, speaker, educator, and mentor. Throughout his career, Ramón has engaged with influential end-user and next-user organisations, sharing practical guidance and insights drawn from his peer-reviewed research. Ramón has appeared in numerous media including The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Guardian, BBC, ABC and SBS, as an expert on sport, social inclusion, violent extremism, and fan culture.

Dr Milad Haghani is a Senior Lecturer and an Australian Research Council DECRA Fellow at the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering of UNSW Sydney. He is a PhD alumnus of The University of Melbourne and has previously held Fellowship positions at the Institute of Transport and Logistics Studies (ITLS) of the University of Sydney Business School as well as the Centre for Spatial Data and Land Administration (CSDILA) of the University of Melbourne. 

Roderick van Gelder

Roderick van Gelder is a passionate professional and his strongest asset is his absolute determination to the entertainment industry. He is of Dutch origin, where he started in 1976 as a stagehand in theatres. He works and lives in Australia since 1990. From 2005 Roderick focussed on providing risk management and workplace health and safety advice for the entertainment industry. He wrote the Australian Entertainment Safety Resource Guide which was launched in December 2017. Roderick is an accredited TAE 40110 trainer.


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