Crowd Safety: learning points from Astroworld

12 Apr 2023 / 04pm - 05pm

The tragedy that happened at the Astroworld Festival in Houston, Texas, on 5 November 2021, led to the death of 10 attendees. While lawsuits are still in place, most of the involved parties remain silent. Still, we need to learn from this case, to prevent future incidents that may have similar causes and consequences. That is why ESI invites you to join us in a webinar that will be about reconstructing and understanding what happened. During the webinar, we will look at some of the footage and we will try to draw practical lessons from what took place. Participants are invited to share their insights and the learning points that they identify for future events. The webinar is not about determining who is to blame.


  • Target audience: anyone involved in crowd management of public events and public manifestations, licensing or permitting of events and venues, or advising on the safety and security from a governmental perspective.
  • Content: informative session and discussion.
  • Duration: 1 hour
  • Planning: the webinar will take place at the following time:
  • (Los Angeles, PT) April 11, 11pm
  • (London, GMT) April 12, 7am
  • (Amsterdam, CET) April 12, 2023, 8am
  • (Perth, AWST) April 12, 2pm
  • (Sydney, AEST) April 12, 4pm
  • Location: online via Zoom.
  • Price: no charge. Registration is obliged.

Syan Schaap

Syan Schaap has a Masters in Public Administration. He has specialized in safety at events and crowded places as a consultant for the past 20 years. He founded the Event Safety Institute in 2014 because he felt the need for an independent center of expertise in event safety and crowd management. Within ESI, Syan leads complex projects, is a sparring partner for governments and teaches in various courses. Syan is like no other able to combine the scientific approach with the diversity of day to day practice.

Roderick van Gelder

Roderick van Gelder is a passionate professional and his strongest asset is his absolute determination to the entertainment industry. He is of Dutch origin, where he started in 1976 as a stagehand in theatres. He works and lives in Australia since 1990. From 2005 Roderick focussed on providing risk management and workplace health and safety advice for the entertainment industry. He wrote the Australian Entertainment Safety Resource Guide which was launched in December 2017. Roderick is an accredited TAE 40110 trainer.

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